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So, uh. I think I just had a dream that actually continued from that weird Matrix/Batman/Final Fantasy dream mix thing from a little bit ago. 8|a

In this one, I'm actually all Matrix'd up in the long black coat and sunglasses gear, lmao, and infiltrating the storehouse of this black market weapons dealer. A little ways in, some guards spot me and a brief chase scene ensues, and I escape because I've got someone on my cell phone who's giving me instructions and directions (idk who, maybe it was Alory or Tao??).

Skip to later, and for some reason I actually have a meeting with the weapons dealer -- who turns out to be my grandma.


Yeah, I have no freaking idea, either.

Turns out she's been trying to get ahold of me for a while and I've been avoiding her. Fully aware that I'm Neo The One, she asks how I escaped her guards the last time, and since I don't want to tell her about my phone buddy, I just respond, "...I'm a little special." She asks how I'm special, and I decide not to mention that I can see the Matrix coding; instead, I tell her, "I can move faster than most people. That's how I was able to dodge bullets."

And that's all I remember.

idek what to think of you, subconscious mind.

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...*votes for it being an awesomely distorted combination of both of us?*

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orrr... maybe one of you was on a computer looking up the details and the other was on the phone relaying them to me?

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Lol, I like the distorted voice a lot better. Almost ominous, even. It'd be creepier and cooler that way. I mean, it IS the Matrix.

...But the image of one of us searching directions while the other relays it to you is rather adorbes~