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E3 Round-up

With E3 more or less over (unofficially? ...starting early threw me off, wth), it's time I roped in all my impressions and opinions into one place (at least on the things that left the biggest impressions on me), SO, here we go.

Note that any of these rants statements are prone to have spoilers for that particular series.


Honestly, I trust the heck out of Nintendo, so even before E3, I had high hopes for the Wii U, and those were more or less supported during the conferences. I'm loving what they've shown so far -- the Miiverse definitely sounds neat (especially since you can link your 3DS to it), Nintendo Land looks adorable and fun, and overall I like seeing that Nintendo is finally, seriously catering to mainstream gamers and competing with Microsoft and Sony. Heck, the only reason I even wanted an XBox in the first place was because RE5 and DMC4 were on it; if Capcom starts striking deals with Nintendo, then a Wii U is all I'll need and XBox and PS can stfu and gtfo.

Provided that I have the financial standing to do so this holiday season, I'll be up bright and early to go buy a Wii U, for sure.


I know I already spazzed over it on Day 0, but more details have surfaced and I've calmed down since then, so it's time for a second approach.

I'll go ahead and say that I haven't watched any of the demo videos; I'm picky about how much material I'll expose myself to before a game's release (as seen when I refused to watch any Revelations videos after the first two trailers), and considering how amazing RE6 is looking, I don't want to risk spoiling any of the experience by watching too much gameplay beforehand. I'm even thinking that this may be the last trailer I watch, depending on how much detail the next one gives away.

EVEN SO, I did hear that some of the boss battles will feature 4-player co-op -- which, if true, is FREAKIN' AWESOME. 8DDDD Idk if they'd allow 4-player local, but slkdjflskdfs ahahahaha I hope so, so friggin' much. Then again, I'm still waiting for them to officially confirm local co-op period, although I can't see why they wouldn't include it.

I already tl;dr'd this matter on Tumblr, so I won't go there again, but I am loving how action-packed RE6 looks. Leon's segment still seems to have a good balance of horror, but it seems like all three stories will intertwine into one big Fight Fest of Awesome at the end, which YES PLEAAAASSSSEEEE DO WANT.

And yeah, I still don't believe that Purple Dress Biotch is Ada. I know we heard the name "Ada Wong" in the trailer, I know she was confirmed originally to be in the game, and I know that a render was recently released of her wearing that red shirt/black pants combo, supposedly with the name "Ada Wong" attached to it. Even so, I am skeptical. I'll believe that Red Shirt Lady is Ada, sure; but I'm still extremely skeptical of Purple Dress Biotch, and this trailer just supported my thoughts, especially when Red Dress Lady was talking to Jiraiya the bad guy on her Andalite cube?? communicator... thing. But that's more TL;DR, so I won't explain unless anyone is just that curious.

I've seen RE6 receive some good and bad responses, but the stupidest one so far was "If Helena is just a Claire clone, why not just put Claire in instead of her??"


lol wut.

I'm not even dignifying that with a response -- other than what, is every competent woman who works with Leon automatically assumed to be a Claire rip-off? idek. Get over it, fanboys.

Also, I've heard word of this supposed cutscene where Chris is getting drunk as all get-out, trying to forget ~What Happened~ six months ago -- and again, I wonder why so many people are freaking out. I'd be surprised if any of the protags in the series haven't gotten drunk once or twice after what they've been through. :|

And I will say that I CANNOT GET ENOUGH OF

"I lost all of my men because of her!"

Just... Leon's voice when he says it, and the look on Chris' face... 8'((( I'm wondering if, for the whole game, it'll be the case of Chris being less stable and thus more emotional, whilst Leon is the more stone-faced and levelheaded one between them (A.K.A., Chris is Spider-Man and Leon is Batman?) ...This game is gonna tear my heart to bits, I can feel it. If Jill or Claire or even Barry doesn't show up to give Chris some IT'S-GONNA-BE-OKAY-BRO comfort, then Piers, you better step up, son.



The game looks gorgeous, and seems like it's continuing with DS2's winning formula of action-packed horror rather than the slower moving horror of DS1. I have mixed feelings on the co-op, though; I'm always up for co-op, but I'm afraid that having a partner would significantly decrease the Horror Factor, as it tends to do in any franchise (IMO). Even if it's just an AI partner, that's still more comforting than being totally alone, which is partly why the previous Dead Space games were so effing terrifying. Still, DS3 seems to have a lot more open-ground, group-based fighting from what I've seen, so maybe it's not so much about the claustrophobic AHHHHHH WTF JUST JUMPED OUT OF THE BATHROOM STALL OMFGGGGGGGG GET IT OFF NO NONONONONONONONO WHY DID I SIDETRACK INTO THIS ROOM AGAIN FMLLLLLL way of playing that the other two were?

Idk; I'm sure it'll be scary either way, and it is looking quite good, so. WE'LL SEE.

The only thing that puzzles me is WHY DOES ELLIE HAVE TWO EYES AGAIN? o_o But as my dad pointed out, this IS a futuristic time period, so maybe medicine is just that awesome? Or maybe she was seriously serious when she said Isaac owed her an eye, and he went and got her one. ...8|


I liked the futuristic take that the first trailer showcased, so it was cool to see it in action in the campaign -- of course, multiplayer is always what makes or breaks a CoD game, so I was sad (although not surprised) to see a lack of it. STILL, it looks awesome, as expected, and the campaign always has a few TOTALLY AWESOME things to show off, so I can't waaaaaiiiiit (plus it comes out on my birthday, bwaha).


I haven't seen too much on it, but I'll be keeping an eye on this game in the next few months; I'm not the type to jump at a game simply because it has zombies in it (which is what a lot of lame, cheaply-made, and/or ridiculous games these days are hoping for), but all the same, it looks ridiculously and delightfully over-the-top in blood and gore, plus the graphics look great, so it looks more promising than most.


EEEEHEEEEEE I can't wait for this! I love Luigi, and I always viewed his first awesome game as an almost kid-friendly version of RE1, so getting another one in 3D has me totally stoked. CANNOT. WAIT.


I love the LEGO games. NGL. And while the GTA series has a cool premise, I can't stand the games (with the exception of GTA3) because of all the unnecessary sexual content and profanity and BS; so a LEGO game that looks like a GTA game? HARD. CORE.

I like how all the new LEGO games are featuring voice-acting, too -- I was doing some srs lol'ing when Chase walked up to a bald, sunglasses-wearing guy dressed in black, in a dojo, and

Chase: "I know Kung Fu." >D
Guy: "SHOW ME." /assumes the BRING-IT-ON!stance


And I am LOVING the use of the Wii U Gamepad, too. <333 Will definitely be checking this one out.


The only thing I have to say about this is YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESSSSS!





...I actually watched nothing on it because I have yet to play Revelations and am paranoid about spoilers. 8[ STUPID CLIFFHANGER ENDING IN BROTHERHOOD

And that's about it.

...Reluctantly, I will admit that some word reached me regarding the next RE Anderson abomination film, but. I think it's best for everyone, including myself, if I don't Go There just yet. Or ever, if possible.

/sits on hands

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First of all... I love that you made an Animorphs reference lol, or not.

Second. Seriously, I have a hard time believing any of our muses haven't taken refuge in a bottle or two in their lives, considering the trauma and severity in their respective canons. Even sweet Tifa. Seriously, there's canon reference to it in the On the Way to a Smile Novellas. So cool your ballz and take a chill pill, folks, and let's be realistic. The nightmares don't end with the game. And they can't will them away all the time.

Aww, poor Chris. 8(

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I try. ♥ lskdjfds SERIOUSLY. ANDALITE CUBE. (

I knowww. Crap happens, man. It's not like they become straight-up alcoholics (although that did happen in RE to at least one other person), so no need to panic, dudes. Then again, the fandom tends to overreact re: EVERYTHING, so the fact that people are freaking out over this is like. "Well. Should've figured, really."

All of the trailers so far have made me want to give him a hug more than anything else. 8(

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And win. ♥ Aww... I seriously need to finish that series. D:

Considering how much people like to torture their characters, why not, you know? What's a bit of indulgence when it comes to alcohol when I've seen people put them through far worse. You and I have both seen and done it in our RPs. And in that retrospect, implying alcoholism seems rather mild in comparison. Lol, and I don't even know what that says about the two of us. xD;


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Hee <3 8O! You should! I won't spoil anything, but I'll just say that I wasn't very fond of the ending, though.

I AGREE WITH ALL OF THIS. And really, you can have a drink over some angst without being a direct alcoholic -- but I've seen people all "OMG CHRIS IS AN ADDICT WHAAAAAAT DDDD8"

Dudes, it's... one scene. :\ Unless he stops by AA afterwards or something, chill the heck out.


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Oh believe me. I KNOW what happens at the end. And I"m not happy with it either. B(

Losing yourself to the bottle isn't serious until you make a habit out of it. Every now and then, not so bad. Calm your shit, peeps. When he's sneaking a sip or a chug in every other cutscene THEN you need to worry and spazz out. Until then, just STOP.