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I already posted this on Tumblr, but wth, I'll post it here, too, for reference.

TL;DR: My Resident Evil 6 Ada Wong Conspiracy Theory
A.K.A., I Think We've Got A Fake
A.K.A., Don't Believe Everything You're Told

I figure it's about time for some more teal deer, so I'll share my thoughts on a currently hot topic: the appearance of a woman who looks a lot like Ada Wong in the second Resident Evil 6 trailer, followed by what appeared to be a confirmation of Ada's identity in the third trailer.

First off, let me say that, for the sake of clarity, I'll use two terms of reference here: Purple Lady, for the "Ada" in the purple dress, and Red Lady, for the "Ada" in the red shirt/black pants. If this sounds unnecessary, bear with me; I'll clarify momentarily.

As soon as I saw the second trailer, I immediately dismissed everyone's assumption that Purple Lady was Ada. Going by past games, Ada Wong is extremely secretive, preferring to work in the shadows and never giving a direct answer to any question; Purple Lady, however, appears to intentionally reveal herself to Chris and Piers on multiple occasions, even explaining details of the new C-Virus to them and telling Jake all about his dear daddy. This doesn't fit the Ada Wong mold. Also, Ada may historically be a cold person, but she's never been cruel; Purple Lady, on the other hand, seems to get a kick out of transforming B.S.A.A. soldiers into monsters, taunting Chris, and waving Jake's history in his face.

And then comes the E3 trailer; instead of Purple Lady, we see Red Lady, who converses with the new Bad Guy in the following:

Bad Guy: "Find anything interesting?"

Red Lady: "A recording from six months ago."

Bad Guy: "You still haven't figured it out. Allow me to clarify: tomorrow, the U.S. will experience a bioterrorist attack. After that, China. And then major cities all over the world will suffer the same fate -- at the hands of Neo Umbrella's VERY OWN Ada Wong."

As this goes on, we see very fleeting flashes of Red Lady: her looking through some paper files, stepping into a dark lab, holding a sniper rifle, walking through some underground tunnels, talking to Leon and Helena in person, talking to the Bad Guy on a communicator, and then leaving that same lab, which is now on fire. Here were my thoughts:

First, Red Lady appears to fit Ada Wong much more closely than Purple Lady, going by what little I've seen; she's much more soft-spoken, her voice is that usual lighthearted and almost sing-song cocky, she's seen sneaking around, and when she smirks as she's talking to the Bad Guy, something about that smirk is just so Ada-like. This last point is a matter of opinion, I suppose, but I think it's still worth noting.

Secondly, note the Bad Guy's dialogue: You still haven't figured it out. Allow me to clarify. If Red Lady and Purple Lady are one and the same, then why does the Bad Guy need to tell her what's going to occur if she's the one orchestrating it all? He's spelling out the entire plan as if Red Lady has never heard of it. Also, the way he says "Neo Umbrella's VERY OWN Ada Wong" -- his tone when saying it is sarcastic, smug, flamboyant, and almost mocking. Call me crazy, but I took it as though he literally meant "Neo Umbrella's very own" -- that is, Neo Umbrella has an Ada Wong that isn't the true Ada Wong, and this Fake Ada is the one pulling off all the bioterrorism attacks, consequently framing the Real Ada.

Also, look at pictures of each of them. If you pay attention, you can see that Red Lady has a very young, smooth, sharp face; in contrast, Purple Lady's face is older looking, with visible age lines around her mouth, and her features are more rounded. Without voicing my opinion, I showed two pictures to my sister, whose immediate response was a surprised, "Oh, wow. You can obviously tell that those are two different women."

In addition, in every shot we see of Red Lady, she's either holding a gun or armed with a shoulder rig; Purple Lady, in contrast, is only ever seen carrying that virus-deploying gun thing. Again, Red Lady is more Ada-like in this regard, as Ada has always been armed in every appearance she's made. And while these may not be as incriminating, I also noticed that 1) Purple Lady wears earrings; we've never seen Ada with pierced ears. 2) Purple Lady is dressed primarily in, you guessed it, purple. Historically, Ada wears predominantly red.

One more point: if you pay attention, you'll see that the lab that Red Lady blows up contains a tall tube in the middle of the room. We see a brief flash of a video recording of one of those chrysalid creatures being "born" in that same tube, or one identical to it -- and it just so happens that several weeks ago, some pictures surfaced on the Internet of a cleaned up screenshot from the video that Leon and Helena were watching of those chrysalid creatures. These screenshots displayed text describing an experiment revolving around a woman named "Carla Ramones" and showed similar "birthing" footage. You can also catch a glimpse of the file that Red Lady is reading in a folder; it shows a picture of a young woman with the label "Carla Ramones" beneath it.

So, in a nutshell, here is my hypothesis: Red Lady is the one and only true Ada Wong. Neo Umbrella, a global terrorist group, has its own "Ada Wong," a.k.a Purple Lady. Ada finds out the truth from the Bad Guy and does some prying on her own, going so far as to destroy one of Neo Umbrella's labs that was working on this "Carla Ramones" project. This leads me to believe that some of the chrysalid creatures are some kind of clone of the original Carla, or at least a biological derivative; one of these clones is in fact Purple Lady, who has done her best to dress up as Ada and frame her for all the bioterror attacks.

Crazy? Kind of. Farfetched? Maybe. A stupid idea? That's a matter of opinion. Either way, all along I've thought it strange that Purple Lady acts nothing like Ada, and very few other people seem to have noticed. Not to mention that Capcom has only confirmed Red Lady as Ada, going by the character render that was recently released; never have they stated that Purple and Red are one and the same.

I could be off, of course; I could be dead wrong. And yet, it's strange that the trailers would show off Ada as being the bad guy so blatantly -- it strikes me as being similar to the way the RE5 trailers advertised Jill's "death" before the game's release. Why reveal that much detail beforehand unless it's not the exact truth? I can only see this as one big, misleading joke on RE6's part: "LOL JUST KIDDING, GUYS -- WE GOT YOU GOOD, MAKING YOU THINK THAT WAS ACTUALLY ADA. YOU SO GULLIBLE." Also, I just think that the idea of someone dressing up and masquerading as someone else totally and completely fits the old-school style of creepy that RE is known for (Alfred, we're all looking at you). Games one through Code: Veronica had a lot of that subtle, disturbing, psychological horror element, and it seems like the series is getting back into that feel, if Revelations was anything to go by. Thus, I consider this prospect of a fake Ada to be very possible.

Whatever the case, we'll see in October -- but until it's confirmed beyond a shadow of a doubt in the actual game, I will continue to be skeptical of the idea that this woman in purple is Ada Wong.

So, in a nutshell--



Also, I did a thing, because this is pretty much how I feel as I play through the REmake.