Apr. 23rd, 2012

its_game_time: (Oh God the spawn fail.)
The poorly-parented, bad-mannered kids these days need to realize that calling someone ugly over XBox LIVE earns them nothing in the Witty Insult Department.

-50 Creativity
-75 Originality
-200 Logic
+500 Fail

All for the fact that he flies off the handle, drops F-bombs in the in-game chat, and sends me "insulting" and foul-mouthed PMs all because I shot and killed him in a game in which you shoot and kill people.

lmao idek. All in all, it only gave me smug sense of superiority in addition to having humiliated him in the Final Killcam. B] EPIC TACTICAL INSERTION FAIL, WAT

I swear, if I ever caught a kid of mine talking half as badly as some of these little boys do on LIVE, I'd smack him in the face and take his XBox away until he was 18. 'B|


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