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As I play through RE2, there are a few things that I really need to keep in mind:


-I AM NOT JILL. Read: I cannot dodge things except when I manually run around them. ...Which probably means that reflexively button-mashing every time I get grabbed is useless.

-I DON'T KNOW WHY BUT CERBERUS DEAL MORE DAMAGE NOW. Stop trying to dodge and just kill the stupid things. I HAVE ENOUGH AMMO TO SPARE.

Orz I don't know what it is about this game in particular, but fml it's tedious and things need to stop jumping out of pseudo-still background images. Trenchy The Tyrant's going to give me a heart attack at this rate and stop popping up at random, Sherry. You're lucky I'm not in control during cutscenes because I would've shot you by now.

Iiiiiiin other news, I was tricked duped ganged up on tempted enabled talked into joining a new RP game, [community profile] dragonhaven -- my first DreamWidth game, no less! In my defense, all I did was post at dear_mun with Trish after moving her journal over and I was immediately jumped by an awesome DMC cast. ;; Who, aside from being awesome, doesn't seem to mind my backtagging tendencies. Excellent.

It seems like a pretty laidback place, and it's considerably brighter in theme than I generally find myself interested in, so that's a nice change of pace. I'm not a total sadist, tyvm. I was just accepted as Trish, and I may app Jill, too. Maybe from a different canon point than usual, just to mix things up? Hmm...

Either way, I figure I've made time for a game on the side since I've pretty much forsaken Bakerstreet; it's full of so much drama now that it's practically a joke. 'B| Not to mention half the memes are sex memes, which I have no interest in (and I swear I see the same one three or four times a week sometimes, wtf), and I play from a lot of obscure series, and a lot of players are rather snooty about refusing to backtag (or about tagging back at ALL), so. Bleh. Unless I'm interacting with RP buddies of mine, it's really not worth it.
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Long story short, AUUGHHHHHH.

But with an awesome RE cast on one hand and an awesome incoming DMC one on the other, I'm actually thrilled. Once you get past all the self-hate at being so effing easy. B| B| B|


BEING AWAY FROM RP-LAND FOR SO LONG HAS OBVIOUSLY WROUGHT SOME WEIRD CHANGE IN ME which I should've figured when I felt compelled to play so many RE girls, orz.

Of course, if I should ever even THINK of considering looking at a fourth character, I expect you all to rush over and break my arm or commit some other drastic act to stop me, k.
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I only have to work until nine this time, though, so. BUT STILL. I AM A LAB TECH, NOT A SECRETARY, OKAY. /done

ANYWAY GUUUUUUYS. I has RP pimpage. For the first time in forever. 'Cause it's the first one I'm joining in forever. |D No, seriously. This is a cool one:

[ profile] kakuserou

See it. App it. Give suggestions, bitches. It's still under a bit of cosmetic review, but it starts up in a couple weeks. It's a panfandom, which always spells awesome, but I'll let the summary there speak for itself. I'm throwing Yuri and Jill in there TEAM JUSTICE FTW, and the wonderful and popular kids like [ profile] alory_shannon and [ profile] gisei_nashi_ni will be there, too. 83 You knoooow you waaaant toooooo.

And [ profile] gisei_nashi_ni insists that she's open via IM for any questions at all. :3


Since I switched profiles on the XBox, I lost most of my Gamerscore and Achievements -- except for most RE5 and about half L4D and L4D2 ones -- BUT it's still at about, what... 1,600 points or so? So not all is lost. And I'm so anal that I'm considering replaying Vesperia AND Devil May Cry 4 -- yes. Devil May Cry. -- to get those points again. Not like I had many in DMC, anyway. Maybe "you finished the game!" and "got a SSS combo!" When I voiced the possibility of ToV again, Day just looked at me and said flatly, "...Do it yourself. 8|" WHICH I UNDERSTAND. But she agreed to help me with the Yeager secret mission, because. Yeah. No. Although I'll totally bug her into running around as Estelle for twenty seconds in the first Zagi fight, mmkay.

And I bought 4,000 more Microsoft Points yesterday. OhGodwhy.

EDIT: Okay. This right here is EXACTLY why you need to join. |D

Crossovers still = ftw )


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