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So, uh. I think I just had a dream that actually continued from that weird Matrix/Batman/Final Fantasy dream mix thing from a little bit ago. 8|a

In this one, I'm actually all Matrix'd up in the long black coat and sunglasses gear, lmao, and infiltrating the storehouse of this black market weapons dealer. A little ways in, some guards spot me and a brief chase scene ensues, and I escape because I've got someone on my cell phone who's giving me instructions and directions (idk who, maybe it was Alory or Tao??).

Skip to later, and for some reason I actually have a meeting with the weapons dealer -- who turns out to be my grandma.


Yeah, I have no freaking idea, either.

Turns out she's been trying to get ahold of me for a while and I've been avoiding her. Fully aware that I'm Neo The One, she asks how I escaped her guards the last time, and since I don't want to tell her about my phone buddy, I just respond, "...I'm a little special." She asks how I'm special, and I decide not to mention that I can see the Matrix coding; instead, I tell her, "I can move faster than most people. That's how I was able to dodge bullets."

And that's all I remember.

idek what to think of you, subconscious mind.
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As I try and try and try some more to complete Jill's tenth mission, I can only continue to curse out Wesker for being such a perfection whore. B| SHE IS JUST. SO SENSITIVE IN HER MAD BEAST MODE and I'm trying to train myself to avoid going crazy and mashing the analog like I do for every other character, orz. And it... took me a while to find out that she CAN'T DEFEND AT ALL while in it, ahaha. Whoops. And there's actually a very effective, nearly surefire way to completely wipe her out when she's in Mad Beast, as long as you time it right -- which I'm not going to specify in case anyone reading this ever fights me. |D;;; Although I rarely use that mode in battle with another human, anyway. And we are THIS CLOSE to getting that last achievement, eeeeee. ♥ Although I'm just insanely satisfied with having completed all of Wesker's, Trish's, and Spidey's missions -- MY MAIN THREE. I'M NOW OFFICIALLY HAPPY.

Also. +50,000,000,000 points for Trish's "Filled With Light" title, lmao. That is seriously the best thing ever. Unless Jill gets a "Jill Sandwich" one. I still love how everyone's reaction to Trish's ground and aerial throws is "...WOW THAT WAS SEXY."

And obviously MvC3 is on my brain way too much, because I had the weirdest dream about it last night.

As always, idek. )

And if anyone hasn't seen Iron Man: Armored Adventures, I highly, highly recommend it. My sisters got me into it and it's all sorts of awesome. <3333 NICKELODEON DOES IT RIGHT, UNLIKE SOME OTHER CHANNELS most of the time. And AUGH I'm... already coming away from it with muses, augh. MAKE ME STOP.


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