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WELL. As I stated previously, I've been doing my best to avoid news of the upcoming RE live action movie, as well as keeping quiet on what I do see -- BUT APPARENTLY [ profile] tao_empress LIKES ME WHEN I'M ANGRY, and since she went to the trouble of linking me to Retribution's E3 trailer, I decided wtf, I'll amuse her because I love her. ♥

SO, I watched said trailer, and typed up my reactions as I was doing so.

But first, two disclaimers and a Srs Moment. )

The BEST PART about all this, though, was when I was talking with my sisters about it and I again wondered aloud why Wesker didn't just eat Alice if he captured her, since that was his goal for all of the fourth movie -- and then in the next room over, my mom calls in, "Because she wasn't on the menu!"




Moving on, let's go in a different direction: I recently watched a trailer for the new Spider-Man movie, courtesy of my 3DS. Honestly, I hadn't watched anything on the movie since the first or second teaser, waaaaay back when; for whatever reason, this reboot just failed to capture my attention or my heart.

...That has changed. )
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Just finished Spider-Man: Edge of Time!

In short... )

And SPEAKING of Spidey, I finally got around to watching some episodes of the new Spider-Man cartoon on Disney, Ultimate Spider-Man.



...Well... it's not... bad, but... it... definitely needs some work. Like, a ton of work. 8|

It doesn't help that the last Spidey show I watched was Spectacular Spider-Man, which was easily the best Marvel cartoon (if not THE best cartoon, period) that I've ever seen -- so living up to its reputation would be difficult for any show, but Disney... well. It dropped the ball on this one.


And thus, the recent announcement of a new Avengers cartoon, also by Disney -- which will undoubtedly result in the cancellation of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the second best Marvel cartoon ever -- has broken what bit of my heart that the loss of Spectacular Spidey didn't. 8'((( I DON'T EVEN WATCH THAT MUCH TV, DISNEY, SO WHY MUST YOU TAKE AWAY THE FEW THINGS THAT I ENJOY?? >|

On a separate note, I just started my free trial at Gamefly. First up, Assassin's Creed: Revelations, finally. I'm half-considering renting Operation Raccoon City again towards the end of the trial, just so I can get some more achievements and at least see all the cutscenes (since they are pretty, even if Nicholai and Jill and Carlos look rather... eh.), buuuut idk yet. I got so frustrated with that game at times that I'm not sure it's worth it when I could rent something new instead; not to mention I'm irked that I keep seeing more and more DLC for it, making it come off as One Of Those Games that purposely puts very little content in the actual game just to force players to buy more of it.

IDK, but aside from AC, I'm hoping to get my hands on Fatal Frame (ffff WISH ME LUCK GUYS IT WILL PROBABLY GIVE ME NIGHTMARES WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF) and Portal 2. Uhhhh what else... probably some multiplayer games for me and my sisters to co-op, maybe Mario Tennis Open, and OH some dance games for the Wii, since my self-esteem knows no injury and I am totally cool with dancing around like an idiot. Maybe I'll finally give Mass Effect a try, even.
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buuuut. Totally not getting the whole Loki craze. At all, lmao. I watched it with the family, and afterwards I said, "Sooo... Loki was kind of the red-headed stepchild -- except no one had a problem with him except himself. So he's kind of the inverse of the red-headed stepchild... which is actually kind of worse."




not really a spoiler, BUT STILL )
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AW YEAH saw Captain America the other day, so you know what that means.


Spoilerrrs + an irrelevant rant )

ALSO, I am working on those meme requests; I've just been sidetracked with reading The Dresden Files, and when I'm not doing that, I've taken up playing Phoenix Wright and OH MY GOD I have wanted to punch few characters in the face as vehemently as I wanted to punch Edgeworth YOU CONDESCENDING LITTLE SNAKE. >| AUGH. It does not help that I tend to take everything in life personally.

Anyway, yes, I'm working on the requests, but I've also set myself back with the crippling fact that my definition of "snippet" can apparently mean 1200+ words. B|;;; I don't even.
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The Marvel/Capcom showdown of the day is Captain America vs. Wesker. Oh, snap--ONE THAT IS ACTUALLY NOT RIDICULOUSLY ONE-SIDED! Unlike Jill/Doom and Chris/Shuma, wtfh is that Go vote and be patriotic or smth.

And LMAO even Marvel pokes fun at COMPLETE GLOBAL SATURATION X'D


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