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I defend the heck out of you time and time again, give you way too much money, and you pull a Namco Bandai and give us a half-tried version of MvC3 only to release the bigger, better, fixed up and prettier version? WTF IS THIS I HATE YOU.

I guess I should've seen it coming after all that SF bullcrap, but seriously. Barely four months after the original release?

And. Dude.

Nemesis? You're including Nemesis (among others WTH PHOENIX)?? HOW DARE YOU TEMPT ME WITH SUCH AWESOME, YOU JERKFAIS. >| Double wtf at the fact that half these characters are ones you openly deconfirmed in the past.

I DO NOT CARE IF IT'S ONLY $40 AT ITS RELEASE. If I buy it -- IF I buy it -- I'm getting it used. Partly so I save, partly so you don't get any of the cut.

You cheap whore. B|

The ones getting on my nerves nearly as much are the people going "OMG WHERE IS KEN/LEON/CLAIRE?!" Dude, Ken is a copy of Ryu, who's already a copy of Akuma, and Leon and Claire are nowhere near qualified OR unique enough to be in this game of fighters so stop whining. STFU AND USE YOUR HEADS, PLZKTHX.

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So this month's Nintendo Power had a hy00j Resident Evil Mercs spread that I love and can't stop staring at; they claim that there's a final roster of eight characters.

So I got to thinking.

Six have been OFFICIALLY revealed -- Chris, Jill, Claire, HUNK, Wesker, Krauser. That leaves two. Rebecca was recently leaked, and that is TOTES BARRY'S SHADOW IN THE OFFICIAL PROMO POSTER. So if NP is right and those are the only characters--

--I am going to die laughing. If Mr. Leon Poster-Boy Kennedy doesn't make it in? That is hilarious. And I'm a jerk and kind of glad because I am just SO SICK of all his fangirls and fanboys acting like he's the greatest creation evarrrrr. I love the dork myself, but come on. For every mention of RE, you get a hundred "ZOMG LEON ROXORZ!" gushings, and I am TIRED of it, and I just. Would find it downright hilarious and awesome if he got cut out of this game. Not gonna lie. HE HAS DAMNATION AND HIS RE4 RE-RELEASE, ANYWAY. Plus he's not dead. I'd just love to see the Internet have a conniption and explode over it, personally. But I WILL genuinely be sad if there's only eight characters total. I was hoping for Sheva and Billy. 8C And Carlos. I will take any of them over Leon, really. DLC PLZ BUT it's still awesome anyway.

Ahaaaaaa I'll just. Be over here snickering to myself and continuing to be a jerk.

THAT ASIDE, I'm keeping an eye on [ profile] underworldwars because it is cool and I am still always craving action. :| <3 Don't know if I'll make a transition yet.

And while we finally got 100% of the Achievements in MvC3, I STILL have yet to get Jill's tenth mission but I'VE COME WITHIN THREE MOVES OF DOING SO AND GOSH DARN IT I WILL GET IT YET. >8|

Day 4 - Your guilty pleasure game. )
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Y'know, I admit that several characters in MvC3 have cheap and/or unfair moves, but none are as cheap and/or unfair as Ryu/Akuma's arsenal. B| They break out of things in the STUPIDEST ways and augh I will probably never play a Street Fighter game because of them. B|||| Latest case being that I threw Sparda at Akuma -- Sparda. Everyone who plays that game should know by now how that thing flies. -- and the JACKASS KICKED IT OUT OF THE AIR. Wwwwwwwwwtfh. >| NO ONE ELSE CAN DO THAT, I'M SURE. JUST HIM. And probably Ryu because IDC what anyone says, those two are the same. If it were that alone, I wouldn't spaz so much. But considering that's AFTER he kicks through Trish's electricity, Wesker's bullets, and Spidey's webs? And probably more that I'm not thinking of. Yeah, no. GTFO. No one's managed to knock Jill out of her Machine Gun Spray yet, but the day it happens, it will probably be because Akuma kicked her in the face. Cheaply. After her hyper already started and he somehow MAGICALLY went through twenty bullets to get to her. 'B|


And now to jump on the bandwagon with the meme that everyone's doing: the 30 Days of Video Games Meme. |D

Day 1 - Very first video game. )
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As I try and try and try some more to complete Jill's tenth mission, I can only continue to curse out Wesker for being such a perfection whore. B| SHE IS JUST. SO SENSITIVE IN HER MAD BEAST MODE and I'm trying to train myself to avoid going crazy and mashing the analog like I do for every other character, orz. And it... took me a while to find out that she CAN'T DEFEND AT ALL while in it, ahaha. Whoops. And there's actually a very effective, nearly surefire way to completely wipe her out when she's in Mad Beast, as long as you time it right -- which I'm not going to specify in case anyone reading this ever fights me. |D;;; Although I rarely use that mode in battle with another human, anyway. And we are THIS CLOSE to getting that last achievement, eeeeee. ♥ Although I'm just insanely satisfied with having completed all of Wesker's, Trish's, and Spidey's missions -- MY MAIN THREE. I'M NOW OFFICIALLY HAPPY.

Also. +50,000,000,000 points for Trish's "Filled With Light" title, lmao. That is seriously the best thing ever. Unless Jill gets a "Jill Sandwich" one. I still love how everyone's reaction to Trish's ground and aerial throws is "...WOW THAT WAS SEXY."

And obviously MvC3 is on my brain way too much, because I had the weirdest dream about it last night.

As always, idek. )

And if anyone hasn't seen Iron Man: Armored Adventures, I highly, highly recommend it. My sisters got me into it and it's all sorts of awesome. <3333 NICKELODEON DOES IT RIGHT, UNLIKE SOME OTHER CHANNELS most of the time. And AUGH I'm... already coming away from it with muses, augh. MAKE ME STOP.
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I have "Sunglasses At Night" in my head and SO HELP ME I CAN'T GET IT OUT

MORE SEXY MERCS 3D PICTURES. 8DDD Wesker and Jill were apparently "released" in this scan, although she was confirmed way back when they first announced the thing, and Wesker followed a few weeks after, and yet everyone's acting all surprised, wtf. And there are still retards going WUT NO LEON?!one!slash! when... uh, yeah, he was confirmed the same time as Wesker. :| BIZNITCHES CAN'T READ. Fandumb aside, though, skdjfklsdfs yessssssssssss wantwantwaaaaant. And pardon me while I go icon this picture. GOOD, WESKER. PLAY NICE. Although... lmao the fact that it looks like he has his hand on her NECK rather than her shoulder is a little worrisome.

And so we see that even in portable format, Midnight Wesker still only parties with B.S.A.A. Jill. IT IS LEGEND, THAT IS WHY YOU HEAR ME, ASH? THEY TOTALLY ALREADY HAVE A DATE SET UP FOR WHEN WE GET IT.

That aside, I learned that there's actually a MvC3 tournament tonight just off of campus and I DID contemplate going, but. Fffff yeah, no. I'd be paying the $10 entrance fee just to have someone wipe the floor with my face. ...Or my team's faces, rather. Doesn't help that Spidey and Wesker are both intent on being the weak links in the FRIENDSHIP CHAIN lately. >|
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Eeeeeeeeeeeeee the Nintendo 3DS is out in less than two weeks! :DDD NOW IF ONLY MERCS WILL HURRY UP AND GET HERE, TOO. Wantwantwant.

Time for my monthly LET'S DO SMTH STUPID IN A RESIDENT EVIL BOSS FIGHT 8D venture. )

AND SPEAKING OF THE BEAUTY THAT IS R.C. SMITH'S MANLEH VOICE, we were screwing around with the audio clips in MvC3 and DUDE Chris' and Wesker's voice clips to Jill before and after battle are already in there, haaaaaaaaaah. Wesker's a disregarding douche and Chris is concerned but professional one more reason why he > Leon in this game and always /OH GO GIVE THEM A LISTEN. >:| ...Or just wait until tomorrow, when Jill is HOPEFULLY downloadable, as she's been delayed in Japan due to that earthquake of Evil. 8C But her official video is still delightful, and it seems she also underwent the usual Fighting Game treatment in being made a bit more verbal than she really is while P30'd, but eh whatever that's how it rolls. ♥ +1,000 POINTS IF SHE HISSES, CAPCOM.

Also. Morrigan's accent is kinda the coolest thing ever. I think I ship her and Chris in a weird, crossover-y way. And whoever designed Spidey's tenth mission needs to be punched in the face. As does the doofus who said HUR DUR LET'S PUT SENTINEL IN THE GAME AND MAKE HIS DEFAULT HEAVY ATTACK AN EASILY SPAMMABLE BEAM 8F
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It's time for my monthly AMV spotlight--otherwise known as "AW DUDE CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO SO EFFIN' COOL"

MvC3 + Skillet. What more could one want? )

THAT ASIDE, common speculation seems to be that Jill's VA in MvC3 is Kari Wahlgren. 8Oa I knew it wasn't Patricia going by that gameplay leak *SOB*, but Wahlgren isn't a bad fit. She has one of those deeper female voices, and that's what Jill's had from game to game PLUS AS LONG AS IT'S NOT TARA PLATT OR MICHELLE RUFF I PROBABLY WON'T COMPLAIN, so I approve of this. ♥


Also. Babies are cute and I want one. ;; But not really.
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So in what's possibly the last character announcement until DLC starts hitting, MvC3 declared two more characters.



WTF. SENTINEL? SENTINEL? WHO THE FRAK LIKES SENTINEL. And don't we have enough X-Men characters? I mean, I'm an X-Men whore, but that series outweighs every other one in character count so far. :\ Spidey could totes use a canonmate.

DUDE EDDIE BROCK WOULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH EFFING BETTER. OR MAC GARGAN. Or Nick Fury or Gambit or even Norman bloody Osborn. They'd BETTER be DLC--Venom, at least--or I'm calling even more BS. IDK anything about Darkstalkers, so I can't say anything about the chick, but Sentinel just feels like such a filler character. B|

Disappoint, Capcom. Disappoint. B|

ANYway, we watched Afterlife last night, and as predicted, it was a delightfully horrible train wreck.



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