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I've said very little on the upcoming live-action RE film -- with good reason -- and what little I've said has been mostly restrained to Plurk. However, with the latest "fight" scene that just popped up, I feel I should do an obligatory .gif-reaction post.

I didn't think you could get by in Hollywood lacking THIS much quality. )

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WELL. As I stated previously, I've been doing my best to avoid news of the upcoming RE live action movie, as well as keeping quiet on what I do see -- BUT APPARENTLY [ profile] tao_empress LIKES ME WHEN I'M ANGRY, and since she went to the trouble of linking me to Retribution's E3 trailer, I decided wtf, I'll amuse her because I love her. ♥

SO, I watched said trailer, and typed up my reactions as I was doing so.

But first, two disclaimers and a Srs Moment. )

The BEST PART about all this, though, was when I was talking with my sisters about it and I again wondered aloud why Wesker didn't just eat Alice if he captured her, since that was his goal for all of the fourth movie -- and then in the next room over, my mom calls in, "Because she wasn't on the menu!"




Moving on, let's go in a different direction: I recently watched a trailer for the new Spider-Man movie, courtesy of my 3DS. Honestly, I hadn't watched anything on the movie since the first or second teaser, waaaaay back when; for whatever reason, this reboot just failed to capture my attention or my heart.

...That has changed. )

E3 Round-up

Jun. 7th, 2012 05:45 pm
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With E3 more or less over (unofficially? ...starting early threw me off, wth), it's time I roped in all my impressions and opinions into one place (at least on the things that left the biggest impressions on me), SO, here we go.

Note that any of these rants statements are prone to have spoilers for that particular series.

The Wii U (overall) )

Resident Evil 6 )

Dead Space 3 )

Black Ops 2 )

ZombiU )

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon )

Lego City: Undercover )

LEGO The Lord of the Rings )

Assassin's Creed 3 )

And that's about it.

...Reluctantly, I will admit that some word reached me regarding the next RE Anderson abomination film, but. I think it's best for everyone, including myself, if I don't Go There just yet. Or ever, if possible.

/sits on hands

so much wtf

May. 8th, 2012 07:33 pm
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I've seen some bad Microsoft Word fail in my time, but this is one of the most retarded. Of course, my computer system is approaching ancient, so maybe the newer editions of Word have fixed the grammar/spelling "correction" fail.

RE: Revelations spoilers within )

Speaking of fail, I picked up the S.D. Perry Nemesis novel at the library just for giggles; and I totally wtf'd at Jill purposely wearing her RE3 clothes because they were "easier to move in." Excusemewhat -- there is nothing free or easy about running around and fighting in a tube top and/or skirt, of all things. Even her boots were dressy/heeled ones, not military style. ORZ.

I'd understand if a man made this mistake, but come on, Perry! Get your crap together. :|

So while the book started out as snicker-worthy, by the time I got to the end where Nicholai was actually about to rape Jill, I'd gone from patronizing chuckles to


OVERALL... yeah, did not like. No gold stars for you, Perry.
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From Graham Stark of Escapist News Network:

W.S. Anderson, director of the Resident Evil movies - and the guy that somehow convinced Milla Jovovich to marry him - said 'to make a movie based on a game without having played the game is disrespectful to both the creators and the players.' ..Wait, does this mean he's actually PLAYED Resident Evil? ...I think that makes it even WORSE if possible.

...IIIIIII don't even know what to think of that possibility. :| And then, my sisters after they read it:

Ash: "...You know, if he HAS played any of the games, that just makes it so much worse. Because rather than screwing up the characters because he didn't know them, instead, it's that he DID know them--he just didn't care."
Me: "...Ouch. :\ This is true."
Ash: "He would have KNOWN Jill was strong and independent, but then still made her like that."
Day: "He's like... a bad fanfiction writer."
Me: "In that he doesn't know what the frik he's doing?"
Day: "No, in that he KNOWS how they should be, but he COMPLETELY THROWS AWAY THEIR PERSONALITIES for his own enjoyment."
Me: "...In order to favor his Mary-Sue!"
Day: "Exactly!"

Ahaha there's no way I'm believing the guy actually played any of the games, but if he has, then congratulations, Anderson, you've lost even more of my nonexistent respect. And I was sure that wasn't possible.

I saw that the Prince of Persia movie was on Netflix and I'm partially tempted to watch it so I can fully tear it apart, too, but... 8\ IDK. As my favorite game series, I'm not sure I wanna have the impression of that crap. Plus, ever since it hit theaters, Mom's made it clear she's convinced that I SEEKRITLY LIKE IT and want to see it, and thought the whole time it was out that I'd give in and go see it. B| Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah. No. But she also thought I SEEKRITLY LIKED AFTERLIFE, which. Please, Mom. Have you not come to know me at all in the last twenty-two years? Wut.
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So in what's possibly the last character announcement until DLC starts hitting, MvC3 declared two more characters.



WTF. SENTINEL? SENTINEL? WHO THE FRAK LIKES SENTINEL. And don't we have enough X-Men characters? I mean, I'm an X-Men whore, but that series outweighs every other one in character count so far. :\ Spidey could totes use a canonmate.

DUDE EDDIE BROCK WOULD HAVE BEEN SO MUCH EFFING BETTER. OR MAC GARGAN. Or Nick Fury or Gambit or even Norman bloody Osborn. They'd BETTER be DLC--Venom, at least--or I'm calling even more BS. IDK anything about Darkstalkers, so I can't say anything about the chick, but Sentinel just feels like such a filler character. B|

Disappoint, Capcom. Disappoint. B|

ANYway, we watched Afterlife last night, and as predicted, it was a delightfully horrible train wreck.



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