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[x] RE0
[x] RE1 (REmake) (NEW PERSONAL RECORD: 7 hours and 10 minutes as Chris)
[x] Umbrella Chronicles (Rebecca levels + Wesker Rebirth levels)
[x] RE2
[x] Umbrella Chronicles (Ada + HUNK levels)
[x] RE3 (NEW PERSONAL RECORD: 4 hours and 42 minutes)
[x] Code: Veronica X
[x] Darkside Chronicles (Operation: Javier levels)
[x] Umbrella Chronicles (T-A.L.O.S. levels)
[x] RE4 (plus Assignment Ada + Separate Ways)
[x] Revelations
[x] Degeneration (I know it's not a game. NO SMART-MOUTHING TY)
[x] RE5 (plus Lost in Nightmares + Desperate Escape)



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Now, the only (mainstream) Final Fantasy games I've actually played are X and XIII, and those frustrated me so much that I've decided to save myself some pain by probably never participating in another one. BUT, the games are so freaking pretty and awesome that I do watch my sisters play them off and on; they started FFIX a while back, and I was actually there for most of it, so I'm familiar with about 90% of the story.

They beat the game last night.

I just. I just. I JUST--




brb sob
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Video games: the only thing that can both get me to dance like this and enjoy it.

Say what you like. I have fun with it.


\o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/ \o/

...Yes, I know it's like two years old and the sequel just came out, but IDC WE FINALLY FINISHED IT \o/


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With RE6 on the horizon, I figure I'll probably do the thing that a lot of people are doing and replay the entire series before it arrives. o7 SO, as a reference list for myself:

[ ] RE0
[ ] RE1 (REmake)
[ ] RE2
[ ] RE3
[ ] Outbreak (File #2)
[ ] Code: Veronica X
[ ] Darkside Chronicles (Operation: Javier levels)
[ ] Umbrella Chronicles (T-A.L.O.S. + bonus levels)
[ ] Revelations
[ ] RE4 (plus Assignment Ada + Separate Ways)
[ ] Degeneration (I know it's not a game. NO SMART-MOUTHING TY)
[ ] RE5 (plus Lost in Nightmares + Desperate Escape)

...Looking at it like that, it's actually a bit daunting. Until I remember that most of them can be beaten in under ten hours, anyway. I do intend to do each one blank slate -- as in, no carry-over weapons or supplies from previous files (except for alternate costumes in the cases of 0, 1, and 3 because HECK YEAH I LOVE THEM). I'm not sure whether I'll do both Chris' and Jill's stories in RE1 or just one of them, but for RE2, I'll only do the Claire-Leon scenario (as opposed to Claire-Leon AND Leon-Claire). I'm not a huge fan of RE2, okay, so sue me.

I'm actually not sure how I'll handle Outbreak, though; since it's not directly canon, I might do all the other games first and then just kinda screw around with it since it has been forever since I played it and I was positively awful back then, SO.

Overall, three months to beat eleven games, more or less, and watch one movie. RE0 might give me trouble just because it's been so long and I haven't played it as much as the others; I tend to die in RE2 more than any other game in the series; I've only played CV once, too, and AUGH GOD THOSE WESKER LEVELS IN UC I AM NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO THEM. B|; Still, even if I just play for a couple hours each night, I should finish with plenty of time to spare.


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Just finished Spider-Man: Edge of Time!

In short... )

And SPEAKING of Spidey, I finally got around to watching some episodes of the new Spider-Man cartoon on Disney, Ultimate Spider-Man.



...Well... it's not... bad, but... it... definitely needs some work. Like, a ton of work. 8|

It doesn't help that the last Spidey show I watched was Spectacular Spider-Man, which was easily the best Marvel cartoon (if not THE best cartoon, period) that I've ever seen -- so living up to its reputation would be difficult for any show, but Disney... well. It dropped the ball on this one.


And thus, the recent announcement of a new Avengers cartoon, also by Disney -- which will undoubtedly result in the cancellation of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the second best Marvel cartoon ever -- has broken what bit of my heart that the loss of Spectacular Spidey didn't. 8'((( I DON'T EVEN WATCH THAT MUCH TV, DISNEY, SO WHY MUST YOU TAKE AWAY THE FEW THINGS THAT I ENJOY?? >|

On a separate note, I just started my free trial at Gamefly. First up, Assassin's Creed: Revelations, finally. I'm half-considering renting Operation Raccoon City again towards the end of the trial, just so I can get some more achievements and at least see all the cutscenes (since they are pretty, even if Nicholai and Jill and Carlos look rather... eh.), buuuut idk yet. I got so frustrated with that game at times that I'm not sure it's worth it when I could rent something new instead; not to mention I'm irked that I keep seeing more and more DLC for it, making it come off as One Of Those Games that purposely puts very little content in the actual game just to force players to buy more of it.

IDK, but aside from AC, I'm hoping to get my hands on Fatal Frame (ffff WISH ME LUCK GUYS IT WILL PROBABLY GIVE ME NIGHTMARES WHY DO I DO THIS TO MYSELF) and Portal 2. Uhhhh what else... probably some multiplayer games for me and my sisters to co-op, maybe Mario Tennis Open, and OH some dance games for the Wii, since my self-esteem knows no injury and I am totally cool with dancing around like an idiot. Maybe I'll finally give Mass Effect a try, even.

E3 Round-up

Jun. 7th, 2012 05:45 pm
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With E3 more or less over (unofficially? ...starting early threw me off, wth), it's time I roped in all my impressions and opinions into one place (at least on the things that left the biggest impressions on me), SO, here we go.

Note that any of these rants statements are prone to have spoilers for that particular series.

The Wii U (overall) )

Resident Evil 6 )

Dead Space 3 )

Black Ops 2 )

ZombiU )

Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon )

Lego City: Undercover )

LEGO The Lord of the Rings )

Assassin's Creed 3 )

And that's about it.

...Reluctantly, I will admit that some word reached me regarding the next RE Anderson abomination film, but. I think it's best for everyone, including myself, if I don't Go There just yet. Or ever, if possible.

/sits on hands
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I heard a while back that The Matrix: Path of Neo was an amazingly good video game adaptation, and I dutifully waited until I'd watched all the movies before renting it and trying it.


It actually uses movie scenes as cutscenes, has most if not all of the right actors as VAs, and the gameplay is like someone took the best parts of every open-world battle system and combined them into one awesome thing of amazing awesomeness. I can recognize a lot of the moves I pull off in battle as being directly from the films, and even those made up for the game are so well-coordinated, it's beautiful, and you can tell that they didn't skimp at all in any area of the game's development. Probably helped that the actual directors had a hand in making it.

It was released in 2005 for the PS2 and original XBox, so some of the graphics are a bit dated (although the couple pre-rendered cutscenes it had WERE SO GORGEOUS, I was very impressed), but after a few hours, I hardly noticed. There were times where I was scared out of my mind, high on adrenaline, verbally keyboardsmashing over awesome things I pulled off, or laughing like an idiot at my own fail or the unexpected randomness of certain levels, like when you seriously have to crawl through cubicles and down the office building while Morpheus guides you on the phone. SO. AWESOME.

Plus, the game CHANGED THE ENDING to something considerably more satisfactory than the canon ending, so that was a nice little bonus -- although I honestly burst out laughing when it played Queen's "WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE ARE THE CHAAAAAMPIOOOOOONS" during the final scene/credits, because every time I hear that song, I either think of the Disney version where Goofy sings it, or this:

It also has a crapload of unlockable bonus items, a good number of featurettes, and if I didn't have to return the thing, I'd immediately go for a second playthrough on a higher difficulty level.

And I SWEAR, one of these days, I'll splurge and buy one of those things that let you record your gameplay directly to your computer so I can YouTube the entirety of my playthrough. |D Were I to record my voice as narration along with it, you'd all see what a total spazz I am, as most of my commentary was, honest to goodness, along the lines of

















And naturally, like any good game, I was humbled several times, such as the first time I acquired a grenade launcher.

Switch: "Is it a good idea to trust the grenade launcher to the rookie?"
Me: (Pfft, please, I've played Call of Duty and Resident Evil, among others. I think I can handle a grenade launcher.)
Bad guys: [appear!]
Me: [fires grenade, immediately kills myself and my three allies] "............"

And then there was the time I tried to kick down a door, only to also kick the high-pressure gas cylinder next to it, which then blew up in my face.

...Come to think of it, I think I'm just bad with explosives. Like all the times I blow myself up in RE5 and Revelations because I shoot a nearby gas barrel, having forgotten that I'm not playing RE4 and physics now actually matter.

Overall, I wish all movie-based games were even half this good. 8'( Sadly, 99% of the time they're just thrown together for a quick buck and are simply awful; this game, some of the Spidey games, and The Godfather are the only exceptions I'm aware of. WOE. If anyone has any recs that have slipped under my radar, do tell!

ALSO, I knew the creators of RE once admitted that Wesker's look and fighting style, especially in RE5, were influenced by The Matrix, but skdjfklsdfs DUDE, Rebecca's leather alternate outfit in RE0 is a nearly dead-on copy of what Trinity wears in The Animatrix. :|b And I know that there are only so many fighting styles out there, but I even thought one of Trinity's moves in Reloaded was the same as one that Jill pulled off in RE5, even shot at the same camera angle.

Possibly reading too much into it, but I thought it was an interesting string of similarities all the same. And if those similarities WERE intentional on RE's part... quite ironic, considering the games did it in such a cool manner, whereas the RE films totally failed in their blatant attempts to rip off The Matrix.
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AWWWW YEAAAAAH Hilde was confirmed for Soul Calibur V. \o\ \o/ /o/ Even more exciting is that her basic stats were released and SHE HAS CHILDREN. omg. omg. PLZ TO BE WANTING TO KNOW WHO THE DADDY IS, NAMCO.

Even more awesome is that she's now an exiled princess on the run as a mercenary. In Siegfried's mercenary group. klsdjlkfsjkldjfsdfs I HAVE NO WORDS FOR THIS. >3< Totes time for a canon update for the muse, come next year. 8D

Latest video game ventures, sans spoilers. )

And RE: Nemesis (...ahaha pun not intended) in ~ULTIMATE MvC3~: yeah, he looks awesome. No, I am not convinced anymore than before to buy this stupid thing. >|


Uhhhh what else. The last few Naruto chapters have been epic. I have found me a new 4-man BroTP, as [ profile] alory_shannon would say. |D

I just completed book #11 of The Dresden Files, and I just reserved book #12 at the library -- but much to my dismay, I found out that the latest book, #13, has a waiting list of 38 people.


And I am sorely lacking in the funds necessary to just go out and buy a hardcover book atm, so obvs I am doomed to live in suspense.
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AW YEAH saw Captain America the other day, so you know what that means.


Spoilerrrs + an irrelevant rant )

ALSO, I am working on those meme requests; I've just been sidetracked with reading The Dresden Files, and when I'm not doing that, I've taken up playing Phoenix Wright and OH MY GOD I have wanted to punch few characters in the face as vehemently as I wanted to punch Edgeworth YOU CONDESCENDING LITTLE SNAKE. >| AUGH. It does not help that I tend to take everything in life personally.

Anyway, yes, I'm working on the requests, but I've also set myself back with the crippling fact that my definition of "snippet" can apparently mean 1200+ words. B|;;; I don't even.
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In my fit of anti-Capcom agitation, I decided to go play my PERFECTLY GOOD WITHOUT ALL THE BELLS AND WHISTLES copy of the original MvC3, thank you very much, and tackled Jill's tenth mission again.

And Holy God, I got it.


That aside... NGL, the new footage for Operation Raccoon City has me more interested than previously. Like, much. I couldn't help noticing all the RE-esque cliches among the USS, though, including:

-There Are No Good Russians.
-Said Russians must have the most generic/common Russian names ever.
-The smartest character is Asian.
-The psychotic sadist is German.
-The one possible American has an addiction with blowing things up.

ALL THE SAME, the gameplay looked awesome. Old school zombies + RE4/5 over-the-shoulder-view = YES.
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So, I finally got around to watching Disney's Tangled the other night.

...Did anyone else cry? >_>

/COUGHS Anyway, I also finished Dead Space 2 and omgggggg that game was so amazing. *_* I'm doing a second run-through to wrap up some achievements and let NO ONE TELL YOU that the game is less scary the second time. :| I played for about an hour and yelled at least five times.

We've also gone back to FFXIII and MY GOD, FINAL FANTASY. YOUR BOSS FIGHTS SUCK. The only exception was the fight with
which certainly wasn't easy, but it was challenging in an "OH, COOL, I LOVE THIS FIGHT" kind of way, the kind where you get real far and then lose and still have a good time, which I never get with turn-based and rarely get with boss battles in general. And, go figure, he'll be the ONE opponent who doesn't come back to harass you three or more times after you beat him.

Day 19 - Picture of a game setting you wish you lived in. )


Jul. 11th, 2011 09:06 pm
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So, my dad borrowed Dead Space 2 from a friend, and despite that I haven't played DS1 yet, I figured I'd go ahead and play 2 while we have it since I'm already spoiled like whoa for the first game, anyway.

Dude. This game

is a beautiful thing. :| <333

I AM KIND OF IN LOVE WITH IT. obvs I just have something for games involving dismemberment and large amounts of blood.

My sisters also got FFVII, and while I don't have any interest in playing it myself, I am jumping in to watch on occasion, and I gotta say, it's... not what I expected, lol. Aeris is way different than I always perceived her to be from RPing and whatnot -- and I admit, I kind of like everyone so far. PLUS ALL THESE ODD TERMS THAT I'VE PICKED UP OVER THE YEARS ARE STARTING TO MAKE SENSE -- LIKE "SOLDIER" AND "AVALANCHE" AND ALL THAT. Btw, Tao, Jill-muse totes approves of Tifa's "I'LL SMASH THEM" threat to that sleazeball. >BD

Day 17 - Favorite antagonist. )
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SO, I actually found out through someone at Amazon that Best Buy has an awesome deal on Mercs: pre-order it and you get a $10 gift card. Hullo. So I cancelled my pre-orders at Gamestop and ordered them at Best Buy instead, bwahaha. ♥ Hey, man. That's $20 towards my inevitable purchase of Tales of the Abyss in the fall. :| That's srs biznis.

That said, I've been in a gaming funk lately. 8[ I finished Batman: Arkham Asylum (AWESOMEFREAKINGGAMEBTW) and hung around it long enough to get all but the most difficult achievements; I need to get back to Mirror's Edge and Bayonetta, but the former puts me in a bad mood more often than not (my own fault, lmao, since I INSIST on going through without shooting anyone. Very unlike me.), and the latter... idk. It's just. Really feeling more like a chore, the further I go along. It's not hard, but I'm not really enjoying it aside from the occasional "WOO CAPCOM REFERENCE" and "LOL WTF WAS THAT MOVE." It's just so full of male fanservice, and while I normally don't mind (because let's face it, that's just the video game industry in general and I've grown up on it), it's just really obnoxious to the point where I feel like it's going "OH HEY BAYONETTA'S HOT. DID WE MENTION BAYONETTA'S HOT. LET US DEMONSTRATE WHY BAYONETTA'S HOT. DO YOU THINK BAYONETTA'S HOT?" in every aspect of the game. B| Again, I normally just ignore the obvious flaunting of females in my games, but something about this one just irks me. Overall, though, it just hasn't clicked with me like games should.

I'm aware that I need to finish Tales of Vesperia on my profile -- having done it the first and second time on my dad's, so THERE'S A FREE 825 G FOR YA -- but. Ugh. That is one game I do not wanna go through again. If I do, there's no way I'm doing all the extra side BS for costumes and props. I'd just do enough to get the most (easiest) achievements, but aaauuughhhhh Idon'twannaplayitagain. DDDDX It's just so long and tedious and boring in so many areas, especially when you spend more time wandering one area than you do in the Spencer Mansion foyer. v_v If you could turn off the cutscenes, I'd be much more willing to replay it, but I'm lazy and hate even constantly mashing the A button to get through all the dialogue boxes.

I also (STILL) need to start Dead Space; my dad took about 13 hours on his first playthrough, so it's a short game, but I know I won't have time to finish it before the 28th, in which case I won't touch it for another month, at least. |D;

/lol EXCUSES LIKE WOAH. So I've really just been playing RE5!Mercs on and off under the pretense that I'm practicing for Mercs 3D, although my sisters got LEGO Batman and it is seriously so awesome from what we've played so far, hahaha. I keep telling myself I should at least make another go at Chris' story in the original RE, but IT'S HARD AND I'M A WUSS AND HIS STAMINA IN THE ORIGINAL IS NOT WHAT IT IS IN THE REMAKE I keep getting sidetracked like the pseudo-ADHD person I can sometimes be. Instead, I've been burning a lot of time on XNALara, reading, and fanfiction-writing -- the last being a huge improvement activity-wise from a long period of being idle. BUT IT'S SOMETHING.

...And I kind of just answered the meme of the day, actually.

Day 15 - Post a screenshot from the game you're playing right now. )
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Crappy picture is kinda crappy because I took it with my 3DS, BUT:

/PUNTS THE VERSUS DLC INTO A RIVER I am NEVER PLAYING THAT CRAP AGAIN unless it's just between friends or something.

I finally -- finally -- came to the idiot realization that O HEY WAIT--I THINK JILL'S STAMINA IS LOWER THAN EVERYONE ELSE'S. 8Oa MEBBE THAT EXPLAIN WHY I SHOOT OTHER PEOPLE FIVE TIMES AT POINT BLANK WITH A SHOTGUN TO GET THEM IN A DYING STATE AND THEY ONLY NEED TO SHOOT ME TWICE. So then I look and see that S.T.A.R.S. Chris has the same loadout as BS!Jill, except with a better automatic, so I switch to him and win... 4 out of 7 matches, I think? Which was all I needed to get the achievement. Go figure. v_v And FYI, Chris is now the ninja of the series; I managed to jump through a window as him WITHOUT BREAKING IT. A glitch? No. CHRIS REDFIELD AWESOME IS WHAT THAT WAS.

So YUS, RE5, MvC3, and Soul Calibur are now the games that we have 100% on -- two Capcom games, ironically enough. I've come frustratingly close on several others, but I DO plan to get 100% on Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands, and I'm starting to think I could manage L4D2. :|

In other news, I've been debating selling my DS Lite since I have a 3DS. I can get a decent price for it on eBay, hopefully more than the average since I have the original box and all the things it came with. Goodness knows I'm scrabbling for school funds, anyway. I hate to see it go after how well it's served me, but ah, well. What can you do?

MEH reflections on all the late Resident Evil announcements and such. Move along. )

On the RP front: concerning [ profile] dissideo... idk, Tao; is it just me, or does it seem like the place has been dying for a long time now, and it's just kinda getting stretched out longer and longer? ;_; I mean. There's only a dozen or so players still there now, and less than two dozen characters, 90% of whom are Final Fantasy. Nothing wrong with that latter point, of course, but. Idkkkk. No offense to the new mods, but ever since the new management took over -- or maybe it was just the end of the last cycle -- I haven't really been feelin' it. Although I guess it doesn't help that almost every character Jill had CR with/every player I knew personally has dropped, aside from Chris and Tifa. I know Cody's been debating dropping for a long time now, but I've been with it so long that I don't want to plus Jill + Tifa is freaking awesome love -- but at the same time I don't want to just kinda hang around and character-squat by putting the minimum effort into it. AUGH IDK. /rant

On a more optimistic and less emotionally torn note... peeps need to be getting over to [ profile] underworldwars, because Jill's starting a friggin' Mercenaries Guild to try and deal with all the people-eating monsters there. :| This may or may not have been indirectly influenced by the approaching Mercs game, idek. But you all totally know you want in on that action, yo. And she's now the only RE character there, to boot.

Day 14 - Current (or most recent) gaming wallpaper. )

Also. That mission in Fable III where the ceiling comes down on you? I experienced a kind of... personal revelation there. More than usual in that game. I figured there HAD to be a cutscene activation and that nothing would really happen to you, but dude. I started panicking like I haven't panicked in a long time, game-wise. :| In that I was shooting and blasting and slashing everything and throwing myself at the door like a mad person and screaming for Wesker and Barry. ...Actually, not that last point, but I was definitely yelling. ._. /CLAUSTROPHOBIC, OKAY
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I WANT SUMMER TO GET HERE I HATE END-OF-THE-SEMESTER TIME. B| And yet I enjoy it at the same time, so idk.

IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN THE STREET FIGHTER X TEKKEN TRAILER, DO SO. DO SO DO SO DO SO. Capcom seems bent on giving out freakin' awesome trailers lately, and THIS cinematic trailer... just. Wow. It actually managed to take my attention from Mercs. :| I don't even LIKE Kazuya or Ryu, but sd;skdfsldkfs;lk IT IS SO, SO MINDBLOWING. I'm pretty sure I'll get the Tekken x SF version myself, but STILL. So, so awesome. :|

Also, I will most likely probably app at [ profile] underworldwars since... it seems I've managed to pull in a Wesker and Chris without actually being in the game yet, ahaha. |D;

Day 5 - Game character you feel you are most like (or wish you were). )
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Y'know, I admit that several characters in MvC3 have cheap and/or unfair moves, but none are as cheap and/or unfair as Ryu/Akuma's arsenal. B| They break out of things in the STUPIDEST ways and augh I will probably never play a Street Fighter game because of them. B|||| Latest case being that I threw Sparda at Akuma -- Sparda. Everyone who plays that game should know by now how that thing flies. -- and the JACKASS KICKED IT OUT OF THE AIR. Wwwwwwwwwtfh. >| NO ONE ELSE CAN DO THAT, I'M SURE. JUST HIM. And probably Ryu because IDC what anyone says, those two are the same. If it were that alone, I wouldn't spaz so much. But considering that's AFTER he kicks through Trish's electricity, Wesker's bullets, and Spidey's webs? And probably more that I'm not thinking of. Yeah, no. GTFO. No one's managed to knock Jill out of her Machine Gun Spray yet, but the day it happens, it will probably be because Akuma kicked her in the face. Cheaply. After her hyper already started and he somehow MAGICALLY went through twenty bullets to get to her. 'B|


And now to jump on the bandwagon with the meme that everyone's doing: the 30 Days of Video Games Meme. |D

Day 1 - Very first video game. )


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