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With RE6 on the horizon, I figure I'll probably do the thing that a lot of people are doing and replay the entire series before it arrives. o7 SO, as a reference list for myself:

[ ] RE0
[ ] RE1 (REmake)
[ ] RE2
[ ] RE3
[ ] Outbreak (File #2)
[ ] Code: Veronica X
[ ] Darkside Chronicles (Operation: Javier levels)
[ ] Umbrella Chronicles (T-A.L.O.S. + bonus levels)
[ ] Revelations
[ ] RE4 (plus Assignment Ada + Separate Ways)
[ ] Degeneration (I know it's not a game. NO SMART-MOUTHING TY)
[ ] RE5 (plus Lost in Nightmares + Desperate Escape)

...Looking at it like that, it's actually a bit daunting. Until I remember that most of them can be beaten in under ten hours, anyway. I do intend to do each one blank slate -- as in, no carry-over weapons or supplies from previous files (except for alternate costumes in the cases of 0, 1, and 3 because HECK YEAH I LOVE THEM). I'm not sure whether I'll do both Chris' and Jill's stories in RE1 or just one of them, but for RE2, I'll only do the Claire-Leon scenario (as opposed to Claire-Leon AND Leon-Claire). I'm not a huge fan of RE2, okay, so sue me.

I'm actually not sure how I'll handle Outbreak, though; since it's not directly canon, I might do all the other games first and then just kinda screw around with it since it has been forever since I played it and I was positively awful back then, SO.

Overall, three months to beat eleven games, more or less, and watch one movie. RE0 might give me trouble just because it's been so long and I haven't played it as much as the others; I tend to die in RE2 more than any other game in the series; I've only played CV once, too, and AUGH GOD THOSE WESKER LEVELS IN UC I AM NOT LOOKING FORWARD TO THEM. B|; Still, even if I just play for a couple hours each night, I should finish with plenty of time to spare.




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