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The poorly-parented, bad-mannered kids these days need to realize that calling someone ugly over XBox LIVE earns them nothing in the Witty Insult Department.

-50 Creativity
-75 Originality
-200 Logic
+500 Fail

All for the fact that he flies off the handle, drops F-bombs in the in-game chat, and sends me "insulting" and foul-mouthed PMs all because I shot and killed him in a game in which you shoot and kill people.

lmao idek. All in all, it only gave me smug sense of superiority in addition to having humiliated him in the Final Killcam. B] EPIC TACTICAL INSERTION FAIL, WAT

I swear, if I ever caught a kid of mine talking half as badly as some of these little boys do on LIVE, I'd smack him in the face and take his XBox away until he was 18. 'B|
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[ profile] tao_empress! Since you're a fellow Disney Geek, I need some input. One of the upcoming events at [ profile] underworldwars is the following:

The entire Underworld will be changed for this even, when character's wake up the entire Underworld will look like something out of a Disney movie. Character's will find themselves changed as well, suddenly taking on the appearance and personality of various Disney characters. As the event goes on a more sinister twist will begin to unfold as personalities change to match the Disney characters, people will find themselves compelled to act out their new with a darker twist.

Note: An example might be for the first few days a character has the personality/apperance of Ariel from the Little Mermaid, but as time goes on they start to find themselves compelled to act out Hans Christian Andersen's version

NOW. For Jill, my first thought was Helga Sinclair from Atlantis -- both are cool, blonde, and hot, and can use a gun. And have been known to fall from high places because of backstabbing villains. :Db And then backstabbed that villain in turn afterwards. BUT that was just my first thought, and idk what the "drawback" part for her would be. :\ Aside from maybe stealing people's life forces for money. Plus I'd have to canon-review by watching the movie, BUT since I love it, that's not really such a bad thing. So any thoughts on other possibilities?

I'm open to anyone else's opinions, of course -- Tao is just my resident Disney Expert, so she came to mind first.

And [ profile] sabbato! I have all of the effing Versus achievements except for one, so if you and your buddies wanna do some marathon-ing of Team Survivors sometime, I'm available as an extra body. o/

Day 12 - A game everyone should play. )
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I only have to work until nine this time, though, so. BUT STILL. I AM A LAB TECH, NOT A SECRETARY, OKAY. /done

ANYWAY GUUUUUUYS. I has RP pimpage. For the first time in forever. 'Cause it's the first one I'm joining in forever. |D No, seriously. This is a cool one:

[ profile] kakuserou

See it. App it. Give suggestions, bitches. It's still under a bit of cosmetic review, but it starts up in a couple weeks. It's a panfandom, which always spells awesome, but I'll let the summary there speak for itself. I'm throwing Yuri and Jill in there TEAM JUSTICE FTW, and the wonderful and popular kids like [ profile] alory_shannon and [ profile] gisei_nashi_ni will be there, too. 83 You knoooow you waaaant toooooo.

And [ profile] gisei_nashi_ni insists that she's open via IM for any questions at all. :3


Since I switched profiles on the XBox, I lost most of my Gamerscore and Achievements -- except for most RE5 and about half L4D and L4D2 ones -- BUT it's still at about, what... 1,600 points or so? So not all is lost. And I'm so anal that I'm considering replaying Vesperia AND Devil May Cry 4 -- yes. Devil May Cry. -- to get those points again. Not like I had many in DMC, anyway. Maybe "you finished the game!" and "got a SSS combo!" When I voiced the possibility of ToV again, Day just looked at me and said flatly, "...Do it yourself. 8|" WHICH I UNDERSTAND. But she agreed to help me with the Yeager secret mission, because. Yeah. No. Although I'll totally bug her into running around as Estelle for twenty seconds in the first Zagi fight, mmkay.

And I bought 4,000 more Microsoft Points yesterday. OhGodwhy.

EDIT: Okay. This right here is EXACTLY why you need to join. |D

Crossovers still = ftw )
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I get Sage Mode. 8333

ASH'S SASUKE? IS GOING DOWN. And if this were CoN, I'd say that Sakura-chan's days of owning Naruto and Sasuke in free-for-alls is over, but. That'd probably be a lie, anyway.


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