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Well. I now know where I'm pre-ordering Revelations from. EFF YEAH.

lol with my sisters having completed their first FF game, they've been considering others, and one of them was mentioning how the Dissidia games and Dirge of Cerberus looked cool and JUST MAY be worth getting a PSP for -- so the other day, my mom randomly comes home from Best Buy with a PSP and Dissidia: Duodecim as a surprise. Awesome.

And let me say HAHA I SUCK AT THIS GAME. At least, I started off well, then sank into a pit of fail for every match I played, but then I went back after some time and HO CRAP I WON LIKE TWO MATCHES. I've been sticking with Lightning for the most part, since I have a Thing about concentrating on one character until I get the hang of it, and I figure learning to fly between her classes is good reflex practice; I've ventured off a few times and tried Sephiroth -- mostly because my sisters encouraged me so we could each have a FFVII character -- WHO FIGHTS LIKE FREAKING VERGIL, I MAY ADD. B| /bitter memories foreverrrrr DMC you scarred my life idek who Laguna is, but he uses GUNS, so I plan to try him and Tidus out, too, once I rise above Suck.

But Lord, this game is gorgeous -- the gameplay, the graphics, the battle system, the insane amount of unlockables ALTERNATE COSTUMES YESSSSS. ♥ Color me honestly surprised that Square Enix could make such a well put-together fighting game -- because you all know I'm biased as heck against FF, yeah yeah, I hate turn-based etc. etc.

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SO, I actually found out through someone at Amazon that Best Buy has an awesome deal on Mercs: pre-order it and you get a $10 gift card. Hullo. So I cancelled my pre-orders at Gamestop and ordered them at Best Buy instead, bwahaha. ♥ Hey, man. That's $20 towards my inevitable purchase of Tales of the Abyss in the fall. :| That's srs biznis.

That said, I've been in a gaming funk lately. 8[ I finished Batman: Arkham Asylum (AWESOMEFREAKINGGAMEBTW) and hung around it long enough to get all but the most difficult achievements; I need to get back to Mirror's Edge and Bayonetta, but the former puts me in a bad mood more often than not (my own fault, lmao, since I INSIST on going through without shooting anyone. Very unlike me.), and the latter... idk. It's just. Really feeling more like a chore, the further I go along. It's not hard, but I'm not really enjoying it aside from the occasional "WOO CAPCOM REFERENCE" and "LOL WTF WAS THAT MOVE." It's just so full of male fanservice, and while I normally don't mind (because let's face it, that's just the video game industry in general and I've grown up on it), it's just really obnoxious to the point where I feel like it's going "OH HEY BAYONETTA'S HOT. DID WE MENTION BAYONETTA'S HOT. LET US DEMONSTRATE WHY BAYONETTA'S HOT. DO YOU THINK BAYONETTA'S HOT?" in every aspect of the game. B| Again, I normally just ignore the obvious flaunting of females in my games, but something about this one just irks me. Overall, though, it just hasn't clicked with me like games should.

I'm aware that I need to finish Tales of Vesperia on my profile -- having done it the first and second time on my dad's, so THERE'S A FREE 825 G FOR YA -- but. Ugh. That is one game I do not wanna go through again. If I do, there's no way I'm doing all the extra side BS for costumes and props. I'd just do enough to get the most (easiest) achievements, but aaauuughhhhh Idon'twannaplayitagain. DDDDX It's just so long and tedious and boring in so many areas, especially when you spend more time wandering one area than you do in the Spencer Mansion foyer. v_v If you could turn off the cutscenes, I'd be much more willing to replay it, but I'm lazy and hate even constantly mashing the A button to get through all the dialogue boxes.

I also (STILL) need to start Dead Space; my dad took about 13 hours on his first playthrough, so it's a short game, but I know I won't have time to finish it before the 28th, in which case I won't touch it for another month, at least. |D;

/lol EXCUSES LIKE WOAH. So I've really just been playing RE5!Mercs on and off under the pretense that I'm practicing for Mercs 3D, although my sisters got LEGO Batman and it is seriously so awesome from what we've played so far, hahaha. I keep telling myself I should at least make another go at Chris' story in the original RE, but IT'S HARD AND I'M A WUSS AND HIS STAMINA IN THE ORIGINAL IS NOT WHAT IT IS IN THE REMAKE I keep getting sidetracked like the pseudo-ADHD person I can sometimes be. Instead, I've been burning a lot of time on XNALara, reading, and fanfiction-writing -- the last being a huge improvement activity-wise from a long period of being idle. BUT IT'S SOMETHING.

...And I kind of just answered the meme of the day, actually.

Day 15 - Post a screenshot from the game you're playing right now. )
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Today's my last week at this job, ahhhh

I came home last week to find out that my parents were switching cell phone companies, and since I've always ridden on their plan as an add-on (cheaper and less trouble that way), I basically got the "Soooo... you're kinda on your own! 8D;" explanation, lolol. Long story short, I decided to treat myself and get a smart phone and sldkjflskdfs THIS PHONE. IT IS SO SEXY. *o* I love it so much I don't even. <33333 Eeeeeeeee.


Prior to my switching phones, though, there was this interesting exchange:

Dad: Speaking of Wesker, change your damn voicemail.
Me: Whyyyy?
Dad: Because it pisses me off. B|
Mom: Both of us thought it was the wrong number!
Me: Did you even listen to the whole thing?
Mom: Yes! And instead of your usual message, I got him yelling about how he hates AT&T!

...Mission accomplished. >3

Other than that, New Year's was relatively uneventful. Nice and relaxing. Hope you all had a good one. :D
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OKAY, SO, UH. FOR THE RECORD. In Lost in Nightmares, DO NOT--I repeat--DO NOT throw eggs at Wesker. 8D;;;;;;;

IN MY DEFENSE, IT WAS A REALLY GOOD IDEA AT THE TIME. ;; I killed a few snakes in the basement area, took their eggs, and outside the last room, I started dividing the supplies between Chris and myself when I realized that I had three eggs total and DUDE wouldn't it be hilarious if I could hit Wesker with one? SO.

/Obligatory pwnage follows
Me: /waits for it, waaaaiiits for iiiit--
Wesker: /beats on Chris
Jill: /throws egg!
Wesker: /NAILED in the back of the shoulder, stumbles
Me and my sisters: LOLOLOL!
Wesker: /KICKS Jill in the FACE
Jill: /flies across room and into wall
Me: AH! ...LOLOL. /mashes 'recover' prompt
Jill: /recove--
Wesker: /WALLS
Jill: /recov--
Wesker: /WALLS >|
Chris: Herp derp. 8D /stands nearby, watches
Me: sdjfklsdf /HELPHELPHELP
Chris: /FINALLY comes over
Me: /no longer LOLing DDD:
Jill: /finally manages to get away. RUNS.
Wesker: /catches up. GUT-PUNCHES.
Jill: GAH! /staggers
Me: (Oh, good, Chris is right here. He'll save me.)
Chris: Herp derp. 8D
Jill: /IMPALED. Ded.
Me: ......... ._.

Yeah. You do not Screw With Him Like That ever. ...Although I ttly tried it again next round, but he dodged and I hit Chris instead. Oops.

Also. I want this. So bad. If I hadn't already ordered AC, I would buy this for myself as my own birthday gift. 8|


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